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Based in West Michigan, we are a full-service IT company dedicated to crafting and managing IT solutions for businesses across the state. We specialize in a broad array of services such as IT consulting, managed services, cloud solutions, and cybersecurity. Our team is committed to supporting businesses of all sizes with their technology needs.

Your Dedicated Technology Ally

Envision your organization's IT and technology needs being fully managed. From high-level CIO strategies to hands-on tasks such as wiring setup, we step in as your complete IT department. At Media Managed, we're more than just an IT service provider. We work alongside you as a committed partner, focused on helping your business succeed.

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Your Goals, Our Expertise

As the in-house technology aficionado charged with supporting and managing various operations, you handle numerous responsibilities. Juggling them all can be daunting. This is where we step in to help.

From ensuring endpoint security, to facilitating computer deployment and acquisition, to providing your staff with a solid foundation to work from, our skilled team is ready to assist you. You don’t have to face these challenges alone—allow us to be your dependable ally.

Are you prepared to discover the benefits of co-managed IT support?

Your Premier Web Hosting Partner

From reliable website hosting to seamless site migration, and ensuring robust server security, our experienced team is on hand to support you. We provide a stable and scalable platform that allows your online presence to thrive. You don’t have to tackle web hosting challenges on your own—consider us your steadfast partner.


Anthony H

... when everything(IT wise) is on fire, they just jump in and figure it out.

Tracy M

I always appreciate the fast, reliable responses.

Sam C

Quick response and was able to fix the problem

Lisa C


Paula B

Impressive response based on our recent update. Tony was great to work with!

Jacqueline H

Awesome as usual

Angelica R

Always takes care of the issues we have. We appreciate him greatly.

Terry N

Nolan Law Offices

We're always happy with your work. And thank you for getting "right on it!"

April B

As always, you are amazing! Thank you!!

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